Law Tanning Co. products are available for order by the square foot in a wide pallet of colors, textures and thicknesses. Custom leather production orders are available and are made to meet your specific leather manufacturing requirements. From garment leather to latigo and everything in between, Please                                                 for the vast array of products we can provide. Thank you for choosing Law Tanning Company! ​

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Custom Leather Products from Law Tanning Co. 

​​​​Law Tanning Company is an international leader in the production of some of the finest leathers in the world.  Law Tanning Co. high quality and durable leather is frequently used for the production of Footwear, Glove and Industrial applications, Fashion accessories, Garments, Chaps, Seating, and We are also DOJ and Military certified. 

Law Tanning Co. understands our customers' needs for the quality, consistency and durability of our leather products at affordable prices. Our tanned leather products include:

​​Full Grain Cowhide

​Available in sides or bellies 

Cowhide Splits, Suede & Finished 

​Chap, Garment & seating selection. Custom colors in single bends, Double Butts or Shoulders

Genuine American Bison

​Available in Shrunken and Standard Tannage 

Pigskin Suede & Pigskin Full Finish 

Polyeurothane Splits

​Law Tanning is the exclusive licensee of Porvair Film in North America 

Contract Tanning and Finishing 

We work with a variety of customers to process their hides which include deer, elk, and kangaroo

Law Tanning Company Leather Products

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Sample Products:


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